Susanne Strandänger is an international award-winning visual artist from Sweden who is famous for her colourful creations in Pop Art and surrealism. She is best described as a strong colour expressionist with a photo-based technique in printing and paintings in a human-centric approach. Since 2010 she lives and works in Morocco and Sweden where she has found the inspiration, tranquillity and that magic light that is essential for the creative process.
Susanne expresses herself through sketching and painting but also in mixed media like photo-based art on canvas or aluminium and collages. She is also producing art pieces in graphics, sculpture and glass art. Her art is distinguished by her intense colour scales that maximize the expression in combination with her mixed media technique. She is well known on the global art scene for her work in series with the same motif but in different colour combinations as well as her art projects with value and meaning. She uses poetry and messages in her artwork, like in her latest glass art project “No Aqua No Vita” in Murano, Italy.
Susanne is passionate about building bridges between different cultures and to awake, guide and connect people through art. Art is a strong universal language and she believes that it is more important than ever that the artist via her/his art takes the opportunity to spread light, joy, hope, awareness and serenity in todays complicated world.
Susanne is a cosmopolitan with a former career as an international business lawyer, specialized in copyright and intellectual property law. Since 2000 she has focused full time on her artistic work and she has exhibited and participated in many art projects in Sweden, Morocco, Europe and the United States. As an artist Susanne has collaborated with many humanitarian and charity associations.
3. Le rêve du Riad flottan VII, mixed media on canvas, 130 x 80 cm

The word of the Artist:

“Art for me is a state of soul.

 I live my Dream, I follow my Heart and I fly.” 

The musical visibility

“Susanne’s painting is a lyrical manifesto and completeness in itself and is marked by an individual process at the level of graphic rays, which further energizes the shapes and colors and masters the pictorial space… 

25. Mirage Taghazout, mixed media on canvas, 160 x 100 cm

24. Rythme Saharien , mixed media on canvas, 160 x 100 cm

…in the art works of Susanne that praise the magic of the light and reinforce the iconographic polyphony, motifs  and archetypes. The familiar scenes are dreamlike and so fantastic. Her artistic journey as a researcher started in the wake of renowned foreign painters.“


Pierre Raymand, Art Critic, Paris from l´Opinion